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2305, 2019


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Instructions and Tips

Hi! I’m glad you’re taking the time to look at these tips to help you create the post you want.

Table of Contents:

  1. Text Blocks
    1. Fonts
  2. Containers, Columns, and Elements
  3. Images
  4. Titles

1. Text Blocks

Text Blocks are what you will use a majority of the time when you are adding a post. This is written using a text block. You’ll notice it is very similar to Microsoft Word in that you can Bold, Italicize,  and change text colors. While there are many similarities, you’ll notice there are some things you can’t do that you could in Word. Underlining text is not possible here. Tab does not work either. You must use the indent button above to indent text. Also, multiple returns in this editor will only result in one return on the front-end. The editor does not read more than one return. To better separate your content, if you need more than one return of space, use a new text block placed below the original.


You are also limited in font selection. “Paragraph” is your main building block. From there you can choose Headings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Notice that when you select these the size and weight of the font changes in the editor. What you see in the editor is not the same as what you will see on the front-end. It is only a representation.

2. Containers, Columns, and Elements

Containers are large sections that hold columns. Containers can hold as many columns as you like, but the separation into different containers is useful in navigating your content. Containers can be renamed. Each one is indicated by a blue collapsable bar with a name on the top left.

Columns are different sizes and are placed into containers to hold your elements.

Elements are the actual pieces of content you put in your post.

Like the table of contents, titles, and paragraphs of this document, Containers, Columns, and Elements work together to organize and display your content. They give you a workflow to best present your content to the public.

Column Sizing

On the top left corner of each column is a fraction. (1/1 down to 1/6) You can select a different option to change the size of the column. This is useful in that you can rearrange text, images, and more to your liking.

3. Images

If you wish to use an image or video in your post, you’ll need to select Image element. This will give you more control than trying to place the image in a text block.

4. Titles

The Title element allows you to create a heading that is separate from your content. The advantage to using the Title element as opposed to just placing your title in the text block is flexibility and separation. The Title element allows greater spacing from your content as well as gives you decorative options.

2305, 2019


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I think that Riverview is just the best. We’re having a dinner after the game this SATURDAY! I think you shouldn’t come because you’re so lame, but the rest of the staff said you’re cool so I guess you can show up. We’ll be having steaks, burgers, hot dogs, candy, cake, drinks, and much more. Cost is no more than $758 per person per hour. Please RSVP on at the link below:


We look forward to seeing you there.

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