Date: February 13 (Last Day to Sign up February 7th)

Cost: $40

There are three way to pay:
1. Go to the church website and click the “give” tap. In the memo box type the Collective.
2. Swing by the church office and drop off the money. (open 9:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday thru Friday)
3. Contact Dennis for your ORU money if you have it.

The Collective is a yearly retreat we do with several other churches. Every year we try to focus on a specific topic. This year we are focusing on Calm and our main scripture is Psalm 46. Our plan is to focus on what scripture has to say about remaining calm when things around you are in chaos.

In years past we have done The Collective over three days and have stayed at host homes. This year we are doing The Collective as a one day, all day, conference at one central site; Camp Loughridge. Camp Loughridge address: 4900 W Oak Leaf Dr, Tulsa, OK 74131


8:30 – Registration Opens @ Camp Loughridge

9:30 – Worship Kickoff / Orientation

10:30 – Teaching Session #1

11:45 – Lunch

12:45 – Teaching Session #2

2:00 – Panel Discussion

3:00 – Recreation / Free Time

6:00 – Dinner

7:00 – Church Time

8:00 – Worship Close

9:00 – After Party

10:30 – Final Time for Pick Up (Pick up any time during the After Party)

Sign Up

Registration and Medical

(Required for all events – must be updated each year)

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