H ere at Riverview we understand the importance of connecting and building relationships with others within the church body. In so doing, we also believe that the most effective way to achieve this is to become part of a small group community we call Sunday School. Our Adult Sunday School classes are supportive communities developing, and equipping people to build the Body of Christ.

Sunday School / Bible Studies

Our Sunday School Classes begin at 9:30 a.m.  Class age ranges are only suggestions.  Please feel free to attend the class you feel the most comfortable in.  If you’re a guest please feel free to visit the Welcome Center in the main hallway for assistance finding a class.


Senior Adults

Retired and Lovin It

Age Range:   65 and Up         Room: A101

Description:  Retired and Lovin It is our Senior Adult Department. We meet each Sunday morning and have a short department time where we share announcements, catch up on the latest and sing a few hymns.

After our department time we break up into several different classes. Three women’s classes are offered, as well as two men’s classes and a co-ed class.

We also have a group that we call the “Rockers” that meets every month. At our Rockers meetings, we fellowship, have parties and potluck meals, and occasionally take trips.

New comers are welcome at any time. We would love to have you join us.

Director: Hugh Rackley

Teachers: Dan Stewart, Carol Judd, Jerry Hendon, Pat Wheeler, Salley Sutmiller and Sue Calvert.

Median Adults

New Horizons

Age Range: 50’s to 60 something        Room: A109

Description: We are a group of mature adults whose goal as a class is to love and serve Jesus. We have the privilege to meet every Sunday to study and discuss God’s Word for our lives and to share with each other what God has done for us in our lives’ experiences. Join us for sharing, caring and learning each Sunday. Everyone is certainly welcome.

Director: Gary Bell

Teacher: Tony Taylor

Median Adults


Age Range: 50 something’s         Room: A105

Description: The Survivors class gained its name by sticking together as a group for so long. We are a close group that welcomes others into our class. We are called a group in our 50’s but we really have all ages, with most of us having grown children, who have been out of the house for a while. Our class is large enough to start many new relationship, but small enough to really get to know each other very well. Please come join us, we meet each Sunday morning.

Director: Brent Thomas

Teacher: Don Sutmiller

Median Adults

Prime Time

Age Range: 40-50 something          Room: A102

Description: We are a large, friendly class of couples and singles in the “prime” of life sandwiched between family responsibilities to our grown (or growing) children and our aging parents. We deepen our knowledge and faith in God through guided Bible study each week and build relationships praying for and supporting each other through triumphs and trials. With monthly Fellowships Breakfasts and other socials, newcomers quickly become part of our “family.”

Director: Lesa Hubbard

Teachers: Brian Bennett and Terry Laflin

Life Stages

Age Range: 40’s to 50’s            Room: A105-1

Description: We are a group of 40’s to 50 something co-ed Bible study group.  In our class you will find lots of interaction from members and plenty of discussion.  New church members and guests are certainly welcome to join us.  We meet each Sunday.

Director: Matt Jackson

Teachers: Matt Jackson

Median Adults

Family Builders

Age Range: 30 to 40 something                    Room: A103

Description: We are a group of 30-40 something’s with grade school to high school aged children. Our class is a close group and we get together often just to fellowship. We met every Sunday and spend a few minute visiting before we study God’s Word. Currently we are using study material designed to take the class through the entire Bible. Guests of Riverview and new members are always welcome.

Director: Mark Castle

Teacher: Brian Whitham

Any Ms. Fits (Women's Class)

Age Range: 18 and up               Room: A106

Description: We are a women’s small group Bible study. Women of all ages are welcome. Some of our ladies in the class are single, while others simply prefer to attend an all women’s class. We believe as our name implies that any Ms. will fit into our class. Please feel free to join us.

Director: Christy Williamson

Teacher: Jill Collins

Young Adults

True Vine

Age Range: 20’s to 30’s                  Room: A102b

Description: True vine is a medium sized class open to all age group but consists primarily of couples and singles in their 20’s and 30’s. We are a very active class that spends time together outside the classroom. During our Bible study each Sunday morning you will find us digging deep into God’s Word and having plenty of discussion about what’s being taught. We would love to have you be part of our class.

Check out the website!

Directors: Reid and Tamra Rowan

Teacher: Charlie Krienke

Andy's Class

Age Range: 20 to 30 something                                              Room: Sanctuary

Description: Andy’s Class is a group of all ages but mostly consists of adults in their 30’s. We are currently studying God’s Word as it relates to growing in our Christian walk, and what it means to be a Christian. We meet occasionally outside of church simply to fellowship and have fun but we also meet outside the class room in order to minister to others within the community.

Director: Katie Bridgeman

Teacher: Andy Jobe

Young Adults

New Life

Age Range: 20 to 30 something                    Room: A107

Description: The New Life class is a co-ed group of 20 to 30 somethings who are closely connected through fellowship and outreach projects as well as our Bible study each Sunday. We are friends, building our faith, praying in the spirit, and living in God’s love. Awaiting the mercy of our Lord that leads to eternal life! Many members say they have quickly felt at home in our group. We would like to welcome you to join us.

The book of Revelation: many folks consider it so mysterious and incomprehensible they won’t even read it.  Some think they have it all figured out and can name the day of Jesus’ second coming or the Rapture.  We can be certain God included it in the Bible for good reason and with the intent that we read it, study it and learn from it.  We are using John MacArthur’s study book, “Revelation – the Christian’s Ultimate Victory” to guide us through this fascinating final book of the Bible.  Come join us!

Director: Victor Mendoza

Teacher: Glenn Carlson

Temporary Residents

Age Range: 20 to 30 something                    Room: A107

Description: Temporary Residents is a class of young adults that have recently graduated from collage, have recently married and or begun families. We are currently studying the Life of Jesus. We would love to have you come and join us.

Director: Katie Tate

Teacher: Victor Mendoza

College/Young Adults


Age Range: 18 to 23                             Room: F.R.A.T. House (Rental behind the church)

For info on any of these 3 meeting times contact Josh at

Description: F.R.A.T. (Freely Redeemed And Thankful) is the name of our college aged class.  You don’t need to be in college to attend our class but if you’re the age of most college students, then this is where you will want to call home as far as small groups go at Riverview.  We meet in a house adjacent to Riverview’s campus called “The FRAT House” which gives us our own space to meet, have study groups for school, hang out and get creative with our Bible study.  If you’re a first time guest, come by the church and we will introduce you.  We would love to have you come be a part of our group.

Sunday Mornings we meet at 9:30 at the FRAT House to study God’s word together, the discussion is definitely worth coming for!

Monday nights we meet for Board Games, Card games, snacks, and meaningful Christ-centered conversations.

Wednesday nights from 8:15 to 10pm we meet in the student room at Riverview for worship in song, prayer, and reading through God’s word.  We hope you’ll join us!

Director: Christian Kemp

Teacher: Brian Hutchison

We offer Precept studies in a small group setting with the goal of discipling people by establishing them in God’s word.  We do that by using the inductive Bible study method and materials to show you how to:

  • Discover truth for yourself
  • Know your God
  • Become a disciple of Jesus ChristAs you study with us you will learn to observe and discover what scripture says, interpret it accurately, and apply it practically.

You will find the experience fulfilling, convicting, very practical and, a lot of the time, just plain fun as the Bible comes to life before your eyes.  Come join us!