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“Which is easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?” – Luke 5:23

A few nights ago I decided to go get something to drink at Valero. And it wasn’t long before I felt an obnoxious, irritating feeling on the bottom of my foot in my shoe with each step.  So I stopped and took my shoe off, turned it upside down, and out fell a tiny pebble. Now, this has most likely happened to you before, as it has happened to me.  So I had a little theological discussion with myself on what to do with the pebble problem.

Ignoring a pebble in your shoe does not prevent you from walking, but affects the efficiency of your walking.  It does not necessarily change the direction in which you walk, but it hampers the manner in which you walk.  So it is with presumptuous little sins we allow creeping into our lives. Left disregarded, these little pebbles become boulder-like habits that eventually crush our faith.  Therefore, as followers of Christ, it is important to develop a good habit of daily confession in prayer. Christ’s goal is to keep everything good between us and the Father. Living in a crooked world, we are constantly inundated with temptations that will lead us astray if we do not walk the straight and narrow path of Jesus. Removing a pebble from your shoe makes walking so much better. There is no hindrance or irritation.  When we confess our sins, and accept Christ’s forgiveness, He promises peace, joy and boldness.